It is no new story that the rate at which theft is carried out via the internet is fast rising as the sun shines at day and the moon at night. I think i made several suggestions on how to bank safely while on the internet, but i did not elaborate on the fact that you can use a third party software. Some many times, a lot of persons get duped of their hard earned money and all they can point at is, ” Juju” Spiritual Problem” and the rest of other unseen things which they suspect would have been the cause of their failure. Little things matter and big things can be ruined by the little things we just overlook as not or less important. If you have had an experience with someone who has been robbed online, then you will have all course not to take chances at all.

GTBank Rapport Security Application

Never mind, i will still speak concerning the software. But before that is embarked on, i will like to lay down some easy way you may be tricked into online insecurity. You may be deceived to click on an already infected link while you are still logged in to your bank account on the internet, and what definitely happens is that your password and username automatically becomes visible to your predators. Do you know what that means? it means that if you have any dime in your account, then prepare to dance the music of  hijacking of cash from your account.

Another way you can be deceived is by unknowly saving your online banking password and username on your browser. This is very dangerous, more especially to a business man who has almost all his live savings in that single account. Think of what could happen. After using many years to build a fat account, you make one foolish mistake and your fat account suffers all form of malnutrition from thieves and gets sick and slim. That is like working for some other person for a life time.

While i was browsing yesterday, i stumbled upon this GTBank Rapport Real Time Console Application that protects your banking details while you are on the internet from any malware or Virus. I have been making use of the app for a couple of weeks, and so far, i have not regretted it. This software is a product of  Trusteer, an online company that protects sites and malware attacks on Pcs or other computer devices. The software is about 256kb in size but works more than its size. All you have to do is to download it and it will automatically show on your browser as the image below:


One thing i like about this app is that it does not permit any screen printing on any site marked as “protected” except i allow access to that screen print at that time. This virtually means that programmes written to take snap shot of your password or username while you are browsing the web will not be allowed to gain access except you allow such. But for your site to remain very much protected, you will need to protect any site you consider very important by clicking on the protect button on the green Rapport button located at your top right hand corner just as shown on the image above.

For security reasons, i will not share any download link to you, you must have to go to the GTBank official website, click on login, and download the suggested app there.

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