The recently introduced cardless ATM withdrawal by the Gurranty Trust Bank aka GTbank is becoming the most used today. The cardless  Atm withdrawal which does not involve the use of any debit card is now one  of the features the bank is using to top up in the competitive market. Starting with their services, Gtbank has quite a number of  interesting services which involves the internet Banking services, the opening of domiciliary account at no cost, mobile internet banking and a host of others just too numerous to mention.

After the launching of the Gtbank  Mobile Money services, the bank was looking forward to incorporate more features among their tons and was looking for ways to proffer ideas and services that will favour any type of individual, That means, users with smartphones can begin to use the risk free and affordable medium of sending cash by downloading the application the bank provided for them. These apps are now available at the various app stores or you can directly get it from

GTBank Mobile Money & Cardless ATM Withdrawal

The bank also said in their statement that they were making efforts to partner with Etisalat, a major telecommunication company in Nigeria, to pre-install the apps on their network’s SIM cards irrespective of the kind of mobile device the customer makes use of.  We were also made to believe that cash could be sent to persons who do not have any bank account. This will be made possible through this mobile phone transfers.

How Does This Connect To The Cardless ATM Withdrawal?

When cash is sent to such individual without a bank account or those persons that just wish to withdraw the money sent to them without an ATM card, such persons can just work to the ATM , dial his phone number and his Pin without having to insert any Atm card. One thing I like about this recently introduced app service is the fact that It has been considered user friendly and supports several functions, which also includes the phone to phone transfer of cash, airtime purchase and bank account to mobile phone wallet funds transfer. The service is really amazing and I hope to add that to my list of services from them.

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