There is no doubt that the Guaranty Trust Bank which is popularly know as Gtbank is one of the best banks in Nigeria and Africa. Come to think of it, the bank offers all sort of services which encourages online bankingand many more. One that trips me the more is the new service they render to parents/ Guardians. This service is called the Gtbank School Fees Advance loan which is specifically for parents/Guardians who wishes to borrow money to further their children’s education.

Ever since the introduction of the school fees advance loan by Gtbank, parents who were unable to complete payments for their children’s school fees, have now been granted an almost free opportunity through theGtbank school fees advance service. One of the major reasons i had to develop this article, is to inform and highlight most of the benefits this particular type of service could do in the lives of your wards.

GTBank School FeesAdvance Loan

With the Gtbank school fees advance system, you can now send your child back to school,It supports your aspiration of giving your child/ward quality education, you can now get them appropriate reading materials and all other things that will help facilitate their learning process. Apart from that, your worries of thinking of how and where to get money for your child’s school fees would be put to a trash because you won’t be needing that after you might have been part of the Gtbank school fees advance system. But before i talk on how you can apply for this, let me first let you know about the basic requirements you must meet up before you can be fully incorporated to this service.

Requirements For The Gtbank School Fees Advance Loan

–Please note that School Fees Advance is offered to individuals in the employment of public and reputable private organizations whose salaries are domiciled with GTBank plc.

– Facility amount is about N 50, 000.00 (Minimum) to N 1,000,000 (Maximum) per child.

– Maximum of 4 months per request

– Equal monthly repayments comprising of principal and interest. Monthly repayment shall not exceed 50% of net monthly salary.

– Employer Undertaking to domicile staff salary,Credit insurance (against death, permanent disability and involuntary loss of job)

– Repayment source>Domiciliation of staff salary payments from employer

Documents Required from you are:

  • Completed Application Form and Employer Undertaking Form
  • School Bill
  • Salary Domiciliation

If you meet up the above mentioned requirements, then you are welcomed to apply for the Gtbank Students school fees advance loan.The application procedures takes place within the banking sector. So locate aGtbank branch close to your locality and apply.

For more information about this, please see more information regarding the GTBank School Fees Advance loan

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