PROPRIETORS and head teachers of primary schools in Nigeria have been urged to implement Abacus in their schools in order to lay a solid foundation for the progress of their students. Abacus, said Alhaji Jimoh Aare, Chairman of the Lagos Chapter of Mathematics Association of Nigeria, MAN, has the potential to empower students and help improve the pass rate in Mathematics.

Speaking at the seminar on the topic, Tackling Maths Phobia in your school, organised by EduSoft Associates for leading schools in FESTAC area of Lagos, Aare stated that understanding Mathematics by rote has not helped students and this is indicated in the failure rate in general examinations.

“The foundation of Mathematics has to be revisited. Abacus is one of the first steps in the process for calculation. Mathematics is a special subject and should be uniquely handled. Teachers of Maths should be given preference and higher pay.”

He added that since schools are judged and ranked based on their general performance in Maths and English, priority should be given to the subjects.  The seminar to educate schools on how to improve their students’ aptitude in Mathematics. In its maiden edition, the seminar will be organised in other regions of the country to showcase the unique role Abacus has to play in the education process and how schools can implement the solution to enhance the pass rate of their students in general examinations.

Phobia in Mathematics, said Varrier Devesh, Director of Training, EduSoft Associates, starts at an early age when the subject is taught in a manner that is not very engaging. “Teachers should know the capacities of their students and how to present learning.” From research, students are not afraid of Mathematics but the numbers. The ability to make students think, ask questions as to the why, the need, and the use of learning is crucial to laying the foundation for a high aptitude in Mathematics,” said Mr Devesh. Once the relevance of the subject matter has been ascertained, the students will be engaged, he added.


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