I have made several researches about this two emotional sentences, and I have come to realize that majority of the population of this world find it very difficult to mention the word “Thank You” as a sign of gratitude to someone and to say “I am sorry’ as a way of apologizing to someone you may have wronged.

Psychology has it that there is a great relief and peace when these words are used at the right time. But in our today word, many families, marriages, relationships, and even business contracts have been destroyed because of the neglect of these words, or will I say sentences.
For the benefit of those that have not realized the importance of these words, I will like to give you some reasons why you should always say “Thank you” and “I am sorry” in every scene that demands its necessity.
It Could Save A life: One may wonder, how can the act of saying “Thank you” and “I am sorry save a life.” My dear, it is very important to show a sign of gratitude and remorse to someone because most times, their lives may just depend on it. Every right thinking human should try as much as possible to cultivate the habit of using these words more especially without being told or reminded.
It Gives A Lasting Relationship:  Many long lasting couples you find around the world today did not just come to that stage because they hadn’t any problem, But it was for the  fact that they were able to fight all odds because they made proper use of these words. Just imagine having a fight with someone today and before daylight you had already apologized to that person you wronged. Isn’t that amazing? How I wish the whole world including myself, will learn how to use these words without hesitation.
It Prevents War: If we learn how to apologize to those we have wronged or appreciate those that have helped us in one way or the other, then the tendency of war arising among  nations, neighbors and families will drastically be on the fast lane of reduction in our society.
It Brings Peace: If it has the tendency to prevent war, then also know that it also has the power to introduce peace into an environment.
It Brings Love: There is an adage which says that “A positive attitude produces a positive result and vice versa.” When we incorporate this attitude of gratitude, then we automatically create an avenue to where love can finally come to dwell.
There are several reasons why these words should not be neglected in our day to day activities and this is why we must not fail to put them to use when necessary.
Have you wronged someone? Do you find it difficult to say “Thank you” or ”I am sorry?” then I believe that by the time you might have finished reading this post, then to change will be your agenda.
Remember, for you to enjoy all these benefits I mentioned, you must learn how to apologize and show gratitude to someone you may have wronged.
Do you find this message useful? Then share it to those you love and those you would love this message to change.

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