The banking sector is a very competitive financial firm in Nigeria. More especially, as female bankers are given a specific amount of money as their target for a particular period of time.

For sure, most female bankers would like to go an extra mile by dressing in a manner that will attract rich male businessmen to have a savings or deposit a certain amount of money with their bank.

Today’s case is not different from what we normally hear concerning some bankers.

According to reports, last week Friday, beautiful female marketer with Access Bank Business Unit at Simbiat Abiola, Ikeja, Lagos branch, Solabomi Olugbemi reportedly lost her precious life after battling with hypertension when she could not meet the target of one trillion Naira set for her and her team.

We learnt that the 29-year-old mother of three disclosed to some of her friends that visited her at the hospital before her death that she had been under a lot of stress because of Deposit Mobilisation mandate (OJC) Operation.
This was as a result of a reported target given to her team early 2012 by the Divisional Director to raise cheap funds for the bank of 1 trillion Naira in 6 months.
On the last day of the OJC, Sunbomi reportedly collapsed at the office when her balance sheet read negative especially after a customer withdrew about 200million Naira from his account.

She was then rushed to Jolade hospital, Gbagada, Lagos where she was later moved to Military hospital in Ikoyi, Lagos. She was then diagnosed with high blood pressure at the hospital.
Reports also put it that over 60 percent of Access Bank staffers are highly hypertensive as a result of targets they are made to meet in order to keep their ‘shaky’ jobs.

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