Windows vista Home premium requirements:
  • 1 GHz * 86 or * 64 processor.
  • Ram: 1GB
  • Hard disk: 40GB with a minimum of 20GB of available space
  • Support for directX 9 graphics
  • Installation source:DVD-ROM drive.
Windows Vista Home basic
  • 1 GHz * 86 or * 64 processor.
  • Ram 512MB
  • Hard disk:20GB minimum of 15GB of available space
  • Support for directX 9 graphics
Windows XP Home Edition
·         Processor:233mhz required but 300mhz recommended
·         Hard disk:1.5gb
·         Ram 64mb
·         Video adapter:super VGA 800 * 600 resolution
·         Installation source:CD-ROM or DVD drive
Windows XP professional
  • Processor:233mhz minimum required:300mgz recommended
  • RAM 64MB but 128 mb recommended
  • Hard disk:1.5gb
  • Video adapter: Super VGA 800 * 600 resolution
  • Local installation source:CD ROM OR DVD ROM
Windows 2000 professional
·         Processor: Pentium 133mhz or greater
·         Ram 32mb but 64mb recommended
·         Hard disk:2g with 1 gb free space
·         Video adapter:VGA
·         Local installation

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