The largest concentration of blacks in the world with close to one hundred and fifty million(150m) population  as to census report, a country blessed with so many minerals, human and natural resources in the world at large and will so far be blessed and continue to be blessed with her resources still made available .
A country still known and will forever be known for her great heroes past.


  So many times we want to know why success saga is hardly built around the countries name and we begin to wonder if it will ever gain a ground in the world at large. To others, the country may be so bored and so filled with corruption as to living in, why some others, the country may be a hell to live in, and to some, the country is just as juicy and capital friendly to those that know the right sources and ways they can make their livelihood. The issue of Nigeria at hand is a major concern to all Nigerians both successful and unsuccessful in life.

        But I believe that this is the period we must wake up from our sleep and say to ourselves that we can bring a great transformation to this wonderful nation of ours that is too rich to be poor and too blessed to be curse. We must say to ourselves that we are able and capable to undergo all pains and trials to see that our motherland must not die in corruption, shame, joblessness, poverty, illiteracy, assassination, and all other vices.


This is the time we must not ask what Nigeriacan do for us but what we can do for Nigeria and Nigerians. Lets rise up and say we are victorious enough for the battle of change. We are  Nigerians and we  must continue to embrace ourselves with love, peace and harmony and forever continue to shun corruption and violence because we believe there is no place like home. Let this message be shared to other Nigerians if you believe we can make this change come to past in our society.         


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