Last week, reports had it that Nollywood award winning director, Lancelot Oduwa Imasuen was arrested and detained following a misunderstanding between him and his busness partner, Mr John Chukwuma Abua, in respect of the ownership of the award winning film “Adesuwa.”
However, contrary to the reports, the celebrated director cum producer is currently in far away Israel.


He travelled to Israel last Friday, where he is expected to be a special guest at the Tel Aviv International Student Film Festival. He will be delivering a keynote address on the Nigeria film industry at the event.
But in a statement he posted on his media company’s website, and Facebook page, Lancelot refuted the claim that there is an ongoing ownership tussle over the movie.
“I would ordinarily have not reacted to this issue because it is infantile. All over the world, it is common knowledge that a Director owns a movie and in the case of Adesuwa, Lancelot Oduwa Imasuen is the director and producer of Adesuwa. John Sources Films is the Executive Producer. They brought about 65 per cent of the money while my company Lancelot Imasuen Media Network provided the balance as dictated by the contract.”
According to him, signs that all was not well began to show some weeks prior to the Abuja premiere of “Adesuwa” in March when John Abua, accused Imasuen of taking the shine off him especially in the media.
He said his role as the Executive Producer was not being highlighted and that he was also not getting a fair share of the media publicity Imasuen was enjoying through the film.

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