The Tai Solarin University of Education (TASUED) Academic Board has released the Academic Activities Calendar for first Semester, for 2017/2018 Session.

The schedule of first semester academic activities for all students is as below;

SIWES continues for some 300Level students
4th September, 2017 2017 /2018 academic session begins
4th September, 2017 Resumption / Registration begins for 400 Level students
4th September, 2017 Resumption / Registration begins for 200 Level and 300 Level students
18th September, 2017 Teaching Practice starts for 400 Level students
27th September, 2017 Statutory Senate meeting
1st October, 2017 Public Holiday
2nd October, 2017 Lectures begin for 200 and 300 Levels
5th – 6th October, 2017 Orientation for Teaching Practice for 400 Level students
6th October, 2017 Registration closes for 400 Level students
25rd October, 2017 Statutory Senate meeting
13th November, 2017 Registration closes for 200 and 300 Level students
13th November, 2017 Resumption/ Registration begins for fresh students
14th – 17thNovember, 2017 Conduct of Continuous Assessment
20th November, 2017 Lectures begin for 100 Level students
20th – 28thNovember, 2017 Convocation ceremony week
29th – 30thNovember, 2017 Orientation for fresh students
11th December, 2017 Matriculation ceremony for fresh students
29th November, 2017 Statutory Senate meeting
1st December, 2017 SIWES ends for 300 level students
22nd December, 2017 Lectures end for 200 and 300 level students
27th December, 2017 Statutory Senate meeting
28th December – 4th January, 2018 Revision week for 200 and 300 level students
7rd January, 2018 Examination starts for 200 and 300 level students
16th February, 2018 Examinations end for 200 and 300 level students
12th February, 2018 Teaching Practice ends for 400 level students
17th February, 2018 Lectures end for 100 level students
17th – 24thFebruary, 2018 Revision week for 100 level students
26th February, 2018 Examinations start for 100 level students
17th March,, 2018 Examinations end for 100 level students

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