Have you been blogging? And your blog has been listed  as a spam blog?or the spam robots tagged your blog as a spammer? Then, here are some few tips I will like you to take note of  in other not to be tagged as a spammer.
Content: it is very important you avoid copying and pasting articles from different blogs. It is better to try and modify the article you want to publish than to copy and paste exactly.
Note that a blog post seen with so many links pointing to different url addresses just denotes a message to the spam bots that you are a spammer,
Links: Make sure you do not have all your links, pointing to a site and you do not have only links in your site. Avoid hiding links using same background color.
Advertisements: avoid using so many adverts that has hidden content to overshadow them and also bear it in mind that the location of your advertisement also matters.
Posts: make sure you maintain a varied post with variable contents. Also note that identically sized posts are made by spam software so be very careful.
Feed: Never publish feed with different content. Let your blog feed and blog content be the same.
Time Frame: Do not post at exact time intervals for example, posting at an hour interval. This is wrong because the spam robot may get the signal that a software is generating your posts. And remember not to post a lot within a short time.
If a word verification appears on your blog just after you might have clicked on the publish button then you are on the spam robot black list.
In such a situation, I will advise you to escalate this menace to a higher or more experience professionals or you can contact the blogger help for a solution. I hope this few hints will help. 

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