We find it difficult and unable to send applications such as Bible,Dictionary,Games and lots more with your java phones and this seems so awkward in the eyes of a Novice.But come to think of it,do you know that can earn you much income than you are expecting?but let me put you in the known so you unfold the secrets of the unknown.Let me link you with this little trick that has been for a while.Here are the little features your java phone must meet up to:

1) Your java phone must be Bluetooth enabled

2) should be browsing enabled.(as this helps you to get lots of files from the web).

3) Easily works with the nokia phones.So nokia phones are preferable because of its easy access.

Then if your java phone meets up these criterias then you are just on an easy step to making cash legally.

1)Download the Bluetooth ftp software to your nokia phone(This software is very useful in the sending of these applications).Click here to download

2) Try downloading needed files e.g bible to perform these little experiment.Go to www.sharemobile.roand click on the search upload button  and type in the required application in the box provided below and search.e.g bible or kjv.

3)After that is obtained, a list of suggested files will be displayed.Choose among all files types the one with the underscore( _ ) type with jar extension.E.g bible kjv_jarand download it to the device you want it to your phone.After that has been achieved, the file will displaying as a question mark(?) on your phone if you check it( That is to show it is a raw file) .

2) Immediately that is done,open the Bluetooth ftp you downloaded,scroll to the place you downloaded your bible kjv_jar file to(either located in the phone or memory card depends on where it is stored).After you might have located it,press the menu button at the bottom left of your Bluetooth device and scroll down and click on the copy items or you can press 1(that’s the shortcut for copying in bftp.Once that is done,click on the right navigation key on your device to move to Bluetooth and search for the device you want to send it to.

3)After that is done, locate whichever place on the other device you want to paste it on and click on the paste on the menu button or press 3 to paste.

4)once that is done go to the destination of where you pasted it on the other device and rename it From bible kjv_jar to bible kjv.jar and watch the magic.It automatically changes to an application.I’m sure it has worked for you because I can see you looking for the first customer to make money for just installing or sendin a bible to.

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