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After many years of investing in crypto, we noticed some major problems with current projects and so many areas for improvement!

As crypto investors ourselves, we decided to launch a project that offers exactly what we would want to achieve as investors:

1) A solid residual income.

2) continuous price growth.

3) To reduce our chances of losing our investment.

We have spent many months creating a platform that offers all of these things! So here goes!

Why Binance Cash?

Binance Cash’s goal is to build a decentralized platform that allows users to earn high-interest rates (guaranteed passive income) while also protecting the price of the token against big sells!

We guarantee a residual income of 85% per month, 255% every 3 months, 510% every 6 months, and up to 1000% every year which will be paid daily 🤯. This ensures that investors will truly want to hold for maximum benefits!

Now, what if people sell after we have done a large token buy?


This is perfectly ok because our transaction fees are designed to benefit long-term holders, and at the point that we make our guaranteed buy, we also make a commitment that if the price drops by more than 25% within 48 hours, we will immediately make another purchase to increase the price further! And yes, you will all benefit once more from the fees generated from this buy and also the burn process!

We then announce the next guaranteed token buy date, and while we focus on growing the price of the token, all our holders need to do is sit back and earn their daily rewards! 🤑

So simply, we are ensuring that every sale earns our holders more money and our treasury pot works in everyone’s favor to build the price further.

Our technology provides a solid platform that guarantees over 1000% interest per year with the bonus of guaranteed buys at pre-announced dates to ensure constant price growth.

We are also going to be adding more utilities to ecosystem which will increase the demand for our token.

How Does It Work?

Earn 60% every 30 days, 180% every 90 days & upto 1000% every 365 days on our Platform with daily returns emitted every seconds 🔥


🌟 Capital/Tokens remains in your wallet locked 🔒 and released when you need it after Lockup.

🌟 Fully decentralized, no admin. Everyone is an admin on BCASH

🌟 NFT, Lottery and more utilities coming soon.

🌟 Share upto 13% Earnings on BUSD REWARDS.

🌟 No compulsory referral

🌟 Refer & earn 10% bonus on Staking & 2% of your referrals earnings 😃

Official BinanceCash Contact Links:


Facebook: https://fb.me/binancepays

Telegram: https://t.me/binancecash2022

Website: https://binancecash.io/

P/S: This isn’t a financial advice. #DYOR

Always do your own research before parting with any investment program. Loadedvilla.com.ng is not responsible for any loss encountered as a result of participation.

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