About Nigerian Airforce

The Nigerian Air Force is the air branch of the Nigerian Armed Forces. It is one of the largest in Africa, consisting of about 15,000 personnel and aircraft including 8 Chinese Chengdu F-7s, 13 Dassault-Dornier Alpha Jets, Helicopter gunships, armed attack drones and military transport aircraft.

Jobs by Nigerian Airforce July 2022

      Nigerian Airforce Recruitment of Sports Official (Tradesmen/Women)
      Nigerian Airforce Recruitment of Driver/Mechanic (Tradesmen/Women)
      Nigerian Airforce Recruitment of Assistant Imam (Tradesmen/Women)
      Nigerian Airforce Recruitment Of Assistant Chaplain (Tradesmen/Women)
      Nigerian Army Recruitment Of Music Officer (Tradesmen/Women)
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      Nigerian Airforce Civil and Environmental Engineer (Tradesmen / Women) recruitment
      Nigerian Airforce Recruitment at Public Relations / Info Officer (Tradesmen / Women)
      NAF Recruitment Of Legal Clerk (Tradesmen/Women)
      NAF Nigerian Airforce Recruitment For Catering Personnel (Tradesmen/Women)
      NAF Recruitment For Works/Service Personnel (Tradesmen/Women)
      Nigerian Airfoce Recruitment For Educationist (Trademen/Women)
      NAF Recruitment as Admin/Logistics Officer (Tradesmen/Women)
      Apply For NAF Psychologist/Sociologist/security Studies officer (Tradesmen/Women)
      NAF Recruitment As Veterinary Assistant (Trademen/Women)
      NAF Recruitment For Language Officers (Tradesmen/Women)
      NAF Recruitment Of Engineering Technician (Tradesmen/Women)
      NAF Recruitment For Air Traffic Services Officer (Tradesmen/Women
      Nigerian Airforce Nursing & Allied Medicine Officers Recruitment
      Apply For NAF Communications & Information Systems Officer (Tradesmen/Women)
      NAF Recruitment For Non- Tradesmen/Women Recruitment - 2020 BMTC