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  1. 1

    Donald Ben

    I want to read political and administrative studies, but scored 176 for jamb.Please would this score can give me admission.

    1. 1.1

      Idaerefagha Allison

      Not at all. Minimum for utme is 180

      1. 1.1.1

        Adiele Sochinma Daniel

        Please sir i scored 202 in my jamb & i want to study HOSPITALITY & TOURISM MANAGEMENT,do i stand a chance to get admission? Pls dis is my no.kp me inform any time D post-utme form is out.(08051265177)thanks


          Idaerefagha Allison

          Thats a good utme score. Just strive to get higher than that in your PUTME

    2. 1.2

      kigho Evelyn Elohor

      Gud day sir….pls sir I scored 212 in my jamb nd i wanna study computer science in ur school..hope my jamb score is cool…nd pls keep me updated 4 d post utme forms..thanks nd God bless

      1. 1.2.1

        Idaerefagha Allison

        Sure u have a good JAMB score, If you can have the same in Post utme then u are good to go.

    3. 1.3


      Sorry no admission

  2. 2


    i secore 182 philosphy is any chance for admission

    1. 2.1

      Idaerefagha Allison

      Yea. But u need to score higher in POST UTME.

  3. 3


    07065588435.pls keep me updated

  4. 4



  5. 5

    duru gracious

    Please find below my phone number for immediate update 08059713081. Aside via PCs and laptops, how else can one get the past questions as am based in Lag? Please revert urgently

    1. 5.1

      Idaerefagha Allison

      You can get it electronically via ur mail.

  6. 6



  7. 7

    Allison Gillian


  8. 8



  9. 9


    i wanna know how UNIPORT calculate their post utme score,do they add JAMB score?….and i also scored 208 political and administrative studies.any probs wid it??..thank you!

    1. 9.1

      Idaerefagha Allison

      No probs. Ur JAMB score is also added

  10. 10


    Asin..utme+post utme/two?????..am really confused,explain better please..

  11. 11



  12. 12


    Scored 203…
    Going 4 Biochemistry….
    Hope I’ll be admitted?
    (08187574876) my contact,, pls kp me updated

    1. 12.1

      Idaerefagha Allison

      Just get a good PUTME score.

  13. 13


    Good day, pls i scored 180 in my JAMB Computer Science for UNIPORT
    Do i have a better chance
    Dis is my numb. for any info: 07066946908

    1. 13.1

      Idaerefagha Allison

      Yea. With a good post utme score then yes it is possible.

  14. 14



  15. 15

    Jamaica Nengi

    08160013668 Thank u

  16. 16


    wen is d post utme form for uniport be out

  17. 17

    Adiele Sochinma Daniel

    OK! thank you somuch sir, but if i get like 200 in my post-utme + my 202 jamb, can uniport give me admission?

    1. 17.1

      Idaerefagha Allison

      What course are you talking about?

      1. 17.1.1

        Adiele Sochinma Daniel

        pls sir my course is tourism & hospitality management, as i got 202 in my jamb, if in my post-utme i get like 200 & above wil uniport gv me admission?

    2. 17.2

      Adiele Sochinma Daniel

      i want to study tourism & hospitality management, & i scored 202 in my jamb, if i score 200 in postutme can uniport gv me admission?

  18. 18


    I scored 216 in jamb..i wrote maths physics geography and English. I want to study Geology. Hope I will be given my course.. 09039412604

    1. 18.1

      Idaerefagha Allison

      Your performance in Post utme exam will determine your admission status.

  19. 19


    07018203881 is my number,, please keep me updated on this year post utme form sales

  20. 20


    07031804441 this is my number am counting on you bloggers????

  21. 21


    My friend scored 197 in his jamb she wants to study medicine in Uniport will she be able to write the school post ume exams

    1. 21.1

      Idaerefagha Allison

      I advise her to go for a change of course.

      1. 21.1.1

        Nkemdirim Boms

        My name is BOMS Nkemdirim, i scored 230, can i get admintion for medicine


          Idaerefagha Allison

          Your Post Utme determines that.

  22. 22


    Pls I scored 192 in my jamb,and I want to study pharmacy in uniport.can I write the PUTME exams…this is my number 08165472366

    1. 22.1

      Idaerefagha Allison

      Not sure about that. Opt in for a change of course.

  23. 23


    244 in jamb med ND surgery… Wat are my chances??

    1. 23.1

      Idaerefagha Allison

      Write ur PUTME and score higher

  24. 24
  25. 25


    07033518113. Thanks

  26. 26


    08162822347,pls sir keep us in touch an God wil surely bless u,tnk u

  27. 27


    Pls I need updates about the upcoming post utme for uniport, here is my contact 08135892366.

  28. 28


    Pls I need updates about the upcoming post utme in uniport, here is my contact 08135892366.

  29. 29


    Okay sir thanks for the help 08177337785

  30. 30



  31. 31


    pls sir,this’ my no.08108314782,what do I have to score in D’s putme,my jamb ws 246,i’m fr medicine & surgery, pls wats ur opinion, tnk u.

    1. 31.1

      Idaerefagha Allison

      270 And above wont be dat bad

  32. 32



  33. 34


    I score 206 in jamb and am going for medicine in uniport will they accept me

    1. 34.1

      Idaerefagha Allison

      Quite low for medicine. But it is 200 and above.

  34. 35

    Obasi Joshua C

    08149347925 and 08094587678. pls get me updated

    1. 35.1
    2. 35.2
  35. 36


    08148801303 pls keep me updated bou d postutme form.tnks

  36. 38


    Pls,I scored 192 in my jamb,and I want to study pharmacy in uniport.Can I write the post utme exams??.This is my number….08165472366

  37. 39


    I have read your reply…but I still want to ask if its possible to change my course and gain admission,then change it back to the previous one I originally chose??

  38. 40

    Okpeh Billy ojeka

    Please this is my phone number 08130876053

  39. 41


    Pls i scored 205 in my jamb and i want to study computer science here is my number 07069400461

  40. 42



    1. 42.1


      Edu and pol sci jamb 186 wht are my chances of adm pls update my 08157454376

      1. 42.1.1

        Idaerefagha Allison

        Hi dear, score above 200 in the PUTME. Higher scores increases ur chances. Ur JAMB score is ok but u need to blast d PUTME



          I need ur no now asap pls…. I ñeed to confirm the pume. Heard is ending 2mao. I haven’t bought d form.


            Idaerefagha Allison

            Yea. bUT It is over.Except it may be extended of which i have my doubts.

  41. 43



  42. 44


    I scored 182 in jamb for nursing,can i use the marks? here is my number 08140591578

    1. 44.1

      Idaerefagha Allison

      Rather low. I advise u opt in for a change of course

      1. 44.1.1


        Please what of 201 for nursing….08172517725


          Idaerefagha Allison

          Nursing? Wats ur question?

  43. 45


    Pls hint me wen d putme form is out 09032301162

  44. 46

    Agba Ruth

    08033252637 pls keep me updated when the sales of the post utme form begin.

  45. 47



  46. 48


    This is my number….07039460832

  47. 49



  48. 50

    Steve N

    Pls will I qualify for the putme. I scored 190 for medicine. What is my chance of admission into uniport. Thanks alot. My number is 08034781137. Keep me updated.

    1. 50.1

      Idaerefagha Allison

      Just do change of course fast.

      1. 50.1.1

        paul josiah

        09023478073 pls keep me updated

  49. 51

    paul josiah

    09023478073 keep me updated pls

  50. 52



  51. 53

    obiora nicholas

    pls sir i score 215 in my jamb,what is my chance in studying petroluem and gas engineering in uniport

    1. 53.1

      Idaerefagha Allison

      just have 200 and above in ur PUTME and u are good to go.

  52. 54

    Joseph Udom

    Please update me through dis no.
    08162341938. THANKS

  53. 55


    Scored 224 in my jamb and am craving for sociology,,, what are my chances???

    08174313472. Dis is my number

    1. 55.1

      Idaerefagha Allison

      Good one. Just have a good PUTME score above 200.

  54. 56

    obiora nicholas

    sir,pls keep me update when the post utme form is out. 08063844078

  55. 57

    Max kings

    i scored 186 in jamb and i opted for nursing science in uniport,is there any possibility that i would get admission?update me on dates of sales of post utme forms and also date for uniport’s post utme/screening test via my no:08167892827

    1. 57.1

      Idaerefagha Allison

      I will advise u go for a change of course form

      1. 57.1.1

        Max kings

        sir pls which science course( a lower medical course mainly or any course apart from engineering courses)can i change/switch to when applyin for change of course and be sure of gaining admission with my low 186 score ,i need your advice/opinion on this before i would then apply for the change of course form from tomorow

      2. 57.1.2

        Max kings

        sir pls which science course( a lower medical course mainly or any course apart from engineering courses)can i change/switch to when applyin for change of course and be sure of gaining admission with my low 186 score ,i need your advice/opinion on this before i would then apply for the change of course form from tomorow?help me

      3. 57.1.3


        I scored 256 in jamb, what is my chance of admission, I want to study business management. alert me on post utme via SMS 07061567437

  56. 58

    Max kings

    pls does uniport also ave provisions of an additional alternative means of securing admission in the form of “shopping” to get admission(which is done in unn as alternative means of getting admission&with another course related to de original one u applied for,incase u didnt get enough mark to get the main course u applied for,do they ave such alternative admission provisions in uniport)?

  57. 59

    Max kings

    does uniport ave additional provisions for gaining admission into any course related to your original field as in de form of “shopping” as an alternative way of securing admission into any course provided you get admission&enter school (like unn does)?does uniport ave “shopping” provisions?

    1. 59.1

      Idaerefagha Allison

      Sometimes what the school does is to change department for students who were not able to meet up the requirements due to low cut off marks

  58. 60

    agamene beabubari charles

    Pls sir i score 186 in my jamb can i go for political and administrative study in uniport. This is my number 08137587378 keep me update thanks.
    my name is charles

    1. 60.1

      Idaerefagha Allison

      Sure. U just need a good PUTME score

  59. 61


    pls my number is 09085259045 alert me when the post utme form is out

  60. 62



  61. 63


    pls I got 189 in jamb what are my chance in uniport
    here is my number 08146992807 keep me posted

  62. 65


    Plz I scored 202 in jamb going for pharmacy,do I av any chance

    1. 65.1

      Idaerefagha Allison

      Only when you are through with ur PUTME

  63. 66


    Here is my number…08174800352

  64. 67


    Got 231 jamb med n surgery. Pls update for p-utme 08092230659

  65. 68

    Max kings

    sir am planning for a change of course but with 186 score in jamb,between which of these two courses(microbiology&geology)would i be sure of gaining admission into..

    1. 68.1

      Idaerefagha Allison

      Ur chances are dependable on ur performance in the just concluded Post utme examination

  66. 69

    Kashirm Victor Christian

    Good job, keep it up, Here is My number 09025443404

  67. 70



  68. 71

    Max kings

    sir pls what do you mean by just concluded postutme examination..has it already been written?

    1. 71.1

      Idaerefagha Allison

      Sorry i dats was a typo error. It has not been written yet.

  69. 72

    maurice victor

    please I need updates on uniport post utme date..my phone no is 08029388094

  70. 73


    I scored 202 do I have a chance of studying pharmacy in uniport?

    1. 73.1
  71. 74


    pls i score 186 in jamb petroleum engr can i be admitted

    1. 74.1

      Idaerefagha Allison

      Only if your PUTME is beta than this

      1. 74.1.1

        Egwu Roselin Iheakachi

        Here is my number 07068516915, please keep me informed whenever the putme form is out and again i scored 210 in utme for medicine and surgery, hope the there is a chance of getting admission.


          Idaerefagha Allison

          Write ur Post utme first

  72. 75


    thanks alot for that

  73. 76


    ply sir i scored 197 in ma jamb, and am aimin for SlTScience laboratory nd Technololy..is dr any chance i would b giving my exact course..

    1. 76.1
  74. 77


    nd here is ma num sir08067939242

  75. 78



  76. 79


    08123282012 for more update

  77. 80

    Aruevbose Peter


  78. 81

    Egwu Roseline Iheakachi

    Here is my number 07068516915, please keep me informed whenever the putme form is out, and again i scored 210 in my utme and am going for medicine and surgery hope there is chance for getting admission?

    1. 81.1
  79. 82


    Here is my number 07068516915

  80. 83

    Charles N.

    Pls sir keep me updated upon the release of uniport post-utme registration form. 09038368933 Thanks. you people are really making positive contribution to the society.

  81. 84


    plz I scored 211 in jamb and I want to study nursing in uniport..m I eligible
    my number is 08160253993 for updates

    1. 84.1

      Idaerefagha Allison

      Yea. 200 and above is good though

  82. 85

    Precious Ohaka

    When will Uniport post utme form be out

    1. 85.1

      Idaerefagha Allison

      No date has been revealed yet

  83. 86

    Victory Monday

    When will Uniport post utme form be out

    1. 86.1
  84. 87


    what of if i score 200 in postume with my 186jamb can i be admitted

  85. 88



  86. 89


    Plz email me at precious_Ikekwem@yahoo.com , keep me updated. Gox bless u

  87. 90



  88. 91


    I score 242 in jamb wat must I score in post Utme to gain admission my NO 08112681065

  89. 92


    Departmen of petroleum “186 with 200in postume,can i b admitted

  90. 93


    Dept of petroleum “186 with 200 in postume can i b admitted”

    1. 93.1

      Idaerefagha Allison

      Please sit for ur Putme firstly

  91. 94


    my number is 08142763433,pls keep me updated

  92. 95



  93. 96


    Pls. i had 194 in my jamb(geology). do i have any chances of gaining admission?

    1. 96.1

      Idaerefagha Allison

      U are yet to write ur PUTME.So i cant comment on ur request now

  94. 97


    sir, dis is my numba 08142875116

  95. 98



  96. 99

    Johnson Bartholomew

    May God bless you sir Allison and bless you beyond measures. Amen

    I want to study law
    i scored 202 in jamb.

    1. 99.1

      Idaerefagha Allison

      Goodluck. And thanks for ur pleasantries.

  97. 100


    does uniport offer science lab tech….n I scored 204 do I have ah chance. 08033299826

    1. 100.1

      Idaerefagha Allison

      I am sure of Medical Laboratory. That means the school should offer similar course too

  98. 101


    wats d school fee(geology)

    1. 101.1

      Idaerefagha Allison

      For returning or freshers?

  99. 102



  100. 104


    what time the admission form will come out

    1. 104.1
  101. 105

    Okpabi Sarah

    Alert me for postjamb..08164960686

  102. 106

    Igboatuegwu Ekpereamaka

    I applied in uniport to study medicine and surgery. My jamb score is 240. My phone number is 09031641537.

  103. 107


    For fresher sir

  104. 108


    I scored 192 in jamb, I applied for theatre arts… Do I stand a chance of gaining admission??? 07069487836 is my number.

    1. 108.1

      Idaerefagha Allison

      Hi dear, please sit for the PUTME Firstly

  105. 109

    Sampson chizaram

    Please sir keep me updated in post Utme date, and I scored 206 aspiring to do medicine and surgery but later change it to micro-biology, so will I stand a chance of gaining admission?

    1. 109.1

      Idaerefagha Allison

      Thats a brilliant move u made.

  106. 110

    Sampson chizaram

    This is my contact 09038055470

  107. 111

    chidimma Nweke

    Pls I had 216 in jamb want to go for medical laboratory…. This is my number 08142976050

  108. 112



  109. 113

    Eyo Esther

    I scored 201 in jamb going for nursing am I eligible for post utme in uniport?

    1. 113.1

      Idaerefagha Allison

      Dats ok but may be too low during post utme (If you don’t score higher)

  110. 114

    Engr. miracle

    My number is “(09091419380)”.
    thanks a lot.

  111. 115


    Please sir update me with this number 07068516915

  112. 116


    I scored 210 going for medicine and surgery. Am I qualified for putme in Uniport

    1. 116.1

      Idaerefagha Allison

      Yea. But u will need an extremely higher score in PUTME. Would advise you go for a JAMB change of course.

  113. 117

    ogboko joselyn

    pls sir I got 184 in jamb want to study art and design any chance for me my number 08183084696

    1. 117.1

      Idaerefagha Allison

      Ur PUTME scores determines that.

  114. 118

    Ruth okechi


  115. 119


    I want to study civil engineering and I had 266 my nuns 07018590794

  116. 120

    Nkemdirim Boms

    My phone number 08037059646, please keep me update on post utme 2016 sale

  117. 121

    lawani josephine

    09091248088 is my number pls sms me wen uniport putme form is out

  118. 122

    lawani josephine

    pls sir can change of instution afect me i change frm uniben to uniport cus i score 193 in my jamb aspiring to do microbiology

    1. 122.1

      Idaerefagha Allison

      Thats ok. But i would have suggested another course, but dat is still ok.

  119. 123

    tajudeen tolani

    09093438228…. Pls update me when the form is out…

  120. 124


    Scored 222 opting for med surg ..i got any luck for UNIPORT

    1. 124.1
  121. 125

    tajudeen tolani

    09093438228,,,,,, That ma number, pls inform wen the putme is on for sale

  122. 126


    sir what is d school fee(geology) for freshers in uniport

    1. 126.1
  123. 128


    I scored 274 jamb . Please what should be my post utme target for medicine and surgery ? Thanks for this forum.

    1. 128.1

      Idaerefagha Allison

      Gud score. 250 and above.

  124. 129

    Esther Odia

    pls is the form on sale now?
    08120852910 to keep me informed
    thank you

    1. 129.1

      Idaerefagha Allison

      The form is not out on sale

  125. 130

    mary udoh

    08175364825….please update me…thanks…

  126. 131



  127. 132


    please sir I scored 195 in my jamb and I want to study elect/elect engineering do I stand a chance???
    Keep me updated when the putme form is out

    1. 132.1

      Idaerefagha Allison

      Dats great; but u will be needing a beta PUTME score.

  128. 133

    Alexandra Eunice

    I got 208 in jamb and want to study medical science Laboratory. Hope is good… Plzz keep me update when the post utme will start selling…..

    1. 133.1

      Idaerefagha Allison

      Dats gud; but u will be needing a beta PUTME score.

  129. 134


    Sir, i applied for computer science and i scored 227 in my jamb what are my chances to gain admission into uniport… please keep me updated when they release the putme form. this my no: 07017065051. thanks in advance and may the LORD Almighty reward you for your good works.

    1. 134.1

      Idaerefagha Allison

      Just strive to score above 200 in the PUTME and u got a chance

  130. 135

    Triple B

    09058185750 pls keep me updated

  131. 136


    Sir plz dis is my number 08143849547,plz keep me informed on uniport’s pume info.scored 239 4 biochem ,cn I make it?

  132. 137


    Please i really need information on uniport putme and aksu tnk u God bless you guys

    1. 137.1

      Idaerefagha Allison

      Please check this page regularly. Click Here

  133. 138



  134. 139

    Joseph Akpors


  135. 140

    Joseph Akpors

    gud day sir…I scored 218 in this year and upon seeing d jamb statistics for my choice of course economics wot re my chances

    1. 140.1

      Idaerefagha Allison

      Lets just wait till the PUTME issue is resolved. So i get to know the stand of Uniport

  136. 141



  137. 142

    Gideon jonathan

    My name is gideon….i scord 208 and i want to be informd pls… Am studyin electrical.

  138. 143

    Gideon jonathan

    My name gideon….i scord 208 and i want to be inform pls… Am studyin electrical.

    1. 143.1

      Idaerefagha Allison

      How, u never dropped ur moBILE number. Just incase the PUTME still holds this year.

  139. 144


    I thought putme is scrapped, why the sales of form again?

    1. 144.1

      Idaerefagha Allison

      Some Schools may still sell this year.

  140. 145

    Ezebuihe Maureen

    now that the federal government announced that there will be no post ume, what is our hope .

    1. 145.1

      Idaerefagha Allison

      Time will tell. But i still advise u prepare for putme JUST INCASE

  141. 146

    victoria wobidi

    i scored 208 n wants to study medicine, any chance for me n pls update me on dis scarping of post utme n my no 08105460957

  142. 147

    onwuegbuchi obinna prince

    Sir, please I heard that post ume will not push through this year, due to less candidate who did not write jamb and also on many people who didn’t pass jamb cut off mark.

    1. 147.1

      Idaerefagha Allison

      Not certain abt dat happening in some schs

  143. 148


    08138210584, pls keep me update

  144. 149


    pls sir this is my number 08101524824..i scored 208.computer science department..pls keep me updated….thanks sir.

  145. 150

    teekay frankz

    i scored 192 ..and am writing ind chem


  146. 151


    pls sir,will uniport still conduct post utme dis yr?

    1. 151.1

      Idaerefagha Allison

      Not certain yet but still keep ur fingers cross

  147. 152


    i thought the post utme was scrapped

    1. 152.1

      Idaerefagha Allison

      Yea it was. But the school’s portal is kind updated with the details of the 2016 POST UTME

  148. 153


    sir pls update me wen d post utme form is out here is my number 09023285994

  149. 154


    hello, I scored 193 in my jamb and going for pharmacy.. 08109390812.. pls let me know incase of any news

    1. 154.1

      Idaerefagha Allison

      You should have done change of course.Score is damn too low

  150. 155

    philip Ernyam

    sir i score 320 in my jamb and i want to study Banking and Finance, we it take me to uniport? alart me on whatsapp 08142884576 and on facebook, philip ernyam.

    1. 155.1

      Idaerefagha Allison

      gUD SCORE. Ur putme will determine

  151. 156

    eldred king


  152. 157

    ifeanyi ezennia

    pls sir i scored 180 in my jamb and i want to go for education and accountancy, do i stand a chance? Pls update me 07065404497

    1. 157.1

      Idaerefagha Allison

      After the PUTME and ur score is revealed.

  153. 158


    Update me 08163977158

  154. 159


    sir Tanks for ur assistance… I we also need ur update wen d form is out…. 08065300165…Tanks sir

  155. 160
  156. 161

    Idaerefagha Allison

    dont be too certain abt dat. It may still hold

  157. 162

    jeremiah prosper tonyepere


  158. 163


    update me sir,thanks. …..08089383102

  159. 164

    anyanwu princewill

    please sir i got 231and i applied for med n surg will i get it with my post utme and p- utme is now counsel so when are we coming for the screening exercise please i really need to know am anyanwu princewill from imo state 08145352972

    1. 164.1

      Idaerefagha Allison

      Just chill till wen any more update is released by the school.

      1. 164.1.1




          Idaerefagha Allison

          Not accepting any more numbers

  160. 165

    joy ibiso Granville

    Sir please i scored 217 and i want to read history and diplomatic studies pls keep me updated sir (08089862086)

  161. 166

    nma white


  162. 167


    wen will of form commence. they we should go to bank to buy one card how true is this. NO 08112681065

  163. 168

    obesevwe kenny

    well but i thought that postutme is going to be release june 15th

  164. 169

    obesevwe kenny

    i score 190 am going for mechanical engineering am i qualify to seat for the postutme sir pls reply me

  165. 170


    Any news about the post ume yet? Pleass keep me updated… 08141154495

  166. 171


    Is the cut off mark for petroleum and gas still 200?

    1. 171.1

      Idaerefagha Allison

      No cut off mark particularly for now

  167. 172


    08062745654.. plz kip me update.

  168. 173


    08184055547 pls sir update me when d post utme form comes out.thank u sir

  169. 174



  170. 175


    I scored 233 in jamb wat are my chances of getting admitted into pharmacy department

    1. 175.1

      Idaerefagha Allison

      Until u write ur admission screening test

  171. 176


    Pls Sir I need a post ume update here is my number 08135132835

  172. 177

    Mark chima

    this is my number for the exam update 08188072932

    1. 177.1

      Idaerefagha Allison

      I am afraid…i cant accept anymore numbers since d post utme was announced.Too many numbers in my database…

  173. 178


    Here my Num (08174606339 pls sir I need a post ume update

    1. 178.1

      Idaerefagha Allison

      Stopped accepting numbers.

  174. 179

    my name is merit I scored 239 in my jamb for pharmacy can I buy the putme for uniport here is my number 08141167617

    My name is merit i scored 239 in my jamb for pharmacy can i buy the putme form for uniport here is my number 08141167617

    1. 179.1

      Idaerefagha Allison

      Registration deadline has been reached already.

  175. 181

    Idaerefagha Allison

    Dependable on JAMB admission policy

  176. 182

    Egede Euphemia Chidimma

    my total point is 55 will I be able to get admission into Economics department???

    1. 182.1

      Idaerefagha Allison

      I reserve my comments for now…Lets jist wait for d school firstly

  177. 183

    manfred roy

    08137072850, a friend of mine scored 199 in jamb, will she be able to study nursing?

    1. 183.1

      Idaerefagha Allison

      Not too sure coz dat is so low for dat/.

  178. 184

    Elijah Falabake

    i need update for the screening test! need to know how it been process or what type of questions will they ask! as a computer science student i scored 200 in jamb

  179. 185


    How significantly of an special post, keep on posting much better half dkceddeeebae

  180. 186


    I got 206 in jamb 2016 and studying linguistic and communication studies is it possible for me to get admission

    1. 186.1

      Idaerefagha Allison

      Possibly but dependable on the screening result

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